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Barun Multiple College


Strategic planning is a framework that equips organizations with the ability to develop, adapt and align organizational vision, mission and goals to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. The need of strategic planning for Barun Multiple Campus (BMC) is a long-felt but not accomplished job.
Going back to the academic evolution of the campus since its establishment in 1986, the existing institutional set up, though still lacks many significant aspects, does not have long history more than 10 years or so in terms of systematic operation mechanism with its own constitution, written rules and regulations. The first constitution was formulated and brought into effect in 1999 though relevant amendments have not been made yet since the date it was issued. However, significant progresses have been achieved in the last decade in the overall development of the campus though most of them were done on ad hoc basis without prioritizing short-term and long-term projects. They were demand-based and need-based activities conducted based upon the pressure and demands of students,  communities and mostly faculty members. Several faculty-member workshops/meetings have been carried out in order to assess and analyze the then situations and response the immediate issues and needs and the examination results have been reviewed periodically. Though the efforts carried out so far are appreciative and effective,  the campus is still unable to develop its comprehensive strategic planning through participation and mass  consensus of the concerned stakeholders to initiate the planned development. Now Second Higher Education Project’s (SHEP) Reform Grant has coincided an opportunity to carry out an important task of preparing the 10-year STRATEGIC PLANNING of this campus. The campus needs to make the maximum use of this opportunity in order to fulfill its needs, expectations of students and community, and meet the objectives set by SHEP.